Article in Patna edition of Hindustan

When I was in Patna last week, I met with a reporter from Hindustan, one of the major Hindu-language dailies here. We checked Hindustan the next day — Thursday, October 29 — and found an article on page 12 of the Patna edition. There’s a lot of incorrect information in the article. An English translation of the article is below. Thanks to Vibha Attri and Jyoti Mishra for translation.


“Sam came from America to do research on the election

The people of America are also interested in the Bihar Assembly elections. An American student from Georgetown University [incorrect — I graduated three years ago], Sam Solomon is here to conduct research on the Bihar elections. On Wednesday, Sam was present at B.N. College polling station in Bankipur Assembly Constituency. Earlier he also visited Patliputra colony station in Deegha Assembly Constituency. He will be preparing a research paper after he has visited various polling stations in Patna.

Sam told us that he visited Gaya and Bhagalpur during the first and second phase of elections [incorrect — we visited Patna and Gaya, and that was right before the first phase of the elections]. After covering all the five phases of Bihar elections, he will prepare a report on the same and present it to Georgetown University [incorrect].

Sam is a political scientist [incorrect] and he is spending a year in India to know more about democracy and leaders in the country. Currently he is staying in Delhi and has also met many Members of the Parliament and Ministers [incorrect]. Sam does not understand Hindi due to which Ajit Shukla from CVoter has come to assist him in Bihar [incorrect — I was there to observe the work CVoter was doing, not the other way around].”


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