Rookie Mistake

After a 14-hour flight in which I watched 12 Years a Slave, a powerful adaptation of Solomon Northup’s memoirs of being kidnapped and sold into slavery, and Happy New Year, an Ocean’s 11-style Bollywood heist comedy replete with musical numbers that stars Shah Rukh Khan, I arrived safely and soundly in Delhi. Something was itching at my mind the entire trip, however. I could not stop thinking about an error I made in yesterday’s post.

In that post, I said I was moving to New Delhi. That is incorrect.

Delhi is the second-largest city in India. It is millennia old, has 11 million people, and was the Mughals’ capital when their empire governed the subcontinent. Administratively, it is known as the National Capital Territory of Delhi, and, like the District of Columbia in the United States, is not part of any other Indian state.

New Delhi is one of eleven districts within the National Capital Territory of Delhi. It was built up by the British when they moved the capital of their colonial empire from Kolkata to Delhi at the beginning of the twentieth century; contains the seats of the executive, legislative, and judicial branches of government; and is geographically located at the center of Delhi.

I will be living in a neighborhood of South Delhi, which is a different district of Delhi, not in New Delhi, though the hotel from where I am writing this post is in New Delhi. My mistake.

The districts of Delhi


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